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3 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 155 views
2016 Hyundai Elantra GT:  A ball to drive

By Don Hammonds
Looking for a modestly priced set of wheels that is a blast to drive?
Look no further than Hyundai’s sleek Elantra GT hatchback, a blast to drive at a very reasonable price:$26,675

Lively and fun to drive with a  2.0 liter, 175 horsepower four cylinder, engine backed up by a six speed automatic transmission, the Elantra GT is rated at 24 city and 33 highway. annual fuel costs are $1650; you save $750 over five years in gasoline  costs compared to other vehicles.

[caption id=”attachment_8010″ …

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3 Feb 2016 | No Comment | 141 views
2016 Honda HR-V: Good car, good value–if you can find one

By Don Hammonds
Honda has this incredible knack to pick just the right product at just the right time.
And they’ve now done it again with the 2016 Honda HR-V.

[caption id="attachment_8001" align="alignnone" width="600"] 2016 Honda HR-V[/caption]
It’s fun to drive, it has plenty of room, it’s got a flexible “Magic Seat” to die for, it’s got this wonderful LaneWatch feature that tells you what’s going on on the passenger side of the car, and it’s really elegant in a sporty sort of way.
And …

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9 Jan 2016 | No Comment | 166 views
2015 Nissan Murano SL AWD: Nissan Gets Wild–really wild!

By Don Hammonds

First point.

This car is not for the shy. And it definitely is not for those who want to blend into the background scenery.

Nissan’s 2015 Murano is front and center, baby, and if that makes you uncomfortable, well…better move on.

And if  if you do move on, you will miss one oft his year’s most arresting designs, with an interior to die for, and some pretty darn good gas mileage figures to boot.  You will also miss some pretty fine …

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9 Jan 2016 | No Comment | 280 views
2016 Kia Sorento: One word: Wow!

By Don Hammonds

Driving the 2016 Kia Sorento was a real shocker.

The good kind of shocker.

It is such a good product that we rank it among the best SUVs–of any size– on the market. No kidding.  The ride is solid and controlled in most settings.  You would have to hit quite the pothole or rocky road before things get unsettled a bit. The interior is sumptuous, tailored looking, with an excellent presentation that thankfully, at least in the SX-L model we …

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6 Jan 2016 | No Comment | 191 views

 Dress it up in black, add some snappy wheels, and the Hyundai Sonata looks like –and acts like–the perfect limousine for the “Green is Good”  crowd.

[caption id="attachment_7956" align="alignnone" width="640"] 2016 Sonata Hybrid[/caption]

First and foremost to that constituency, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is  plenty economical–fuel economy is up 10 percent and the car now has a combined rating of 42 miles per gallon (compared to only 38 combined last year)  40 city and 44 highway, both up from the previous model.

Better …

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