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4 Feb 2010 | No Comment | 1,968 views
Mazda 5’d up

Word is that Mazda5 will be undergoing a dramatic transformation with a design that pays homage to the popular minivan’s heritage and the company’s expressive design themes.  You’ll get your first look at the new Mazda5 at the upcoming Geneva International Motor Show.

The design theme, known as “Nagare,“ has been seen on a number of Mazda’s concept cars over the last few years, and the Mazda5 is the first new product from Mazda that embraces the full effect of the …

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24 Mar 2009 | Comments Off on 2009 Mini Clubman | 1,276 views
2009 Mini Clubman

In my driving career, I have hit three deer. The first was in my full-size van and the deer totally disabled the van by puncturing the radiator and breaking the battery. The second was in a Saab, and the deer only succeeded in breaking the grille away from its supports.

The third was in the Mini Cooper Clubman. I gave the deer a pretty good whack, but the only damage was a small dent under the right headlamp and a small …

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