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20 Dec 2010 | No Comment | 2,323 views
2011 Acadia Denali: You want it? You got it

Rarely has a vehicle satisfied so many needs–and done so with grace and elegance–than the 2011 Acadia Denali.

 Whether it was traveling through knee-high snow, heading to a concert, or even lugging, of all things, a huge sofa, with the back hatch door closed, the Acadia Denali rose to the occasion.  We all were continuously surprised by what we could ask of such a luxurious, almost decadent car, and still have it meet our needs.

     The Acadia, the Chevy Traverse and …

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31 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 1,748 views

The Bottom Line: Essentially identical vehicles except for trim, the Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain are excellent crossovers with a combination of good size, a useful 4-cylinder engine, and modern conveniences. Either vehicle would make a great choice for someone looking for a crossover or smaller SUV.

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