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29 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 282 views


By Don Hammonds

Mercedes-Benz, the legendary company that wears the three-pointed star, steeped with history and tradition, is preparing to make model year 2021 another chapter in its storied history, with updates and unveilings in the all-important SUV market, along with new models in its high performance AMG range.

Mercedes-Benz USA enters the 2021 model year with an array of exciting new vehicle debuts and performance and technology upgrades across the vehicle range.

 The SUV lineup:

In a news release, it said, “In the …

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23 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 303 views

By Don Hammonds

2021 Lexus LC 500 convertible


By Don Hammonds

Look at it.  Just look at it.

What a way for Lexus to start a new model year, is it not?

Expanding upon the flagship performance of its coupe counterpart, the LC 500 Convertible broadens the LC family with a stunning, eye-catching design and its own luxurious handling characteristics designed to take top-down driving to the next level.

 Elite Athleticism

“The LC 500 Convertible may be based in part on the LC 500 coupe, but it …

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22 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 294 views

By Don Hammonds

Hyundai is a car brand on a huge, huge roll, with some of the most spectacular looking, innovative, well-built cars anywhere.

And now they are addressing what some car enthusiasts would say was an issue: Modest, safe styling.

Well, THAT’s out the window.

If you have seen the all new Sonata, and now the Elantra–especially the Elantra N-Line which looks like it’s going to tear streets apart–you have to agree that this company’s design theories and processes have come a long, …

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20 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 750 views


By Don Hammonds

BMW, the legendary performance luxury brand from Bavaria, is knocking them out of the ballpark in the 2021 model year.

Of all the world’s auto brands, BMW arguably has one of the longest list of introductions and upgrades around–and they are all across the board: Sedans, Coupes, Hybrids, Electrics, SUVs–you name it.

Here’s what you can expect from BMW this model year:

BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series, which has been around for seven generations now, gets a number of improvements …

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20 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 240 views

By Don Hammonds

2021 Buick Envision

Talk about a car that already is kicking up a lot of buzz and excitement!

Buick’s all new 2021 Envision has everyone talking from car writers to dealerships eagerly awaiting its arrival, to everyday car enthusiasts who are looking forward to their first look at it.


[caption id="attachment_10953" align="alignnone" width="720"] 2021 Buick Envision[/caption]

“The all-new 2021 Envision is part of Buick’s strategy to grow its family of premium SUVs,” said Duncan Aldred, vice president, Global Buick and GMC. “It …

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20 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 213 views

By Don Hammonds

Toyota’s 2021 lineup is shaping up as a balanced, wide ranging effort for the brand.

While other car companies are announcing the end of their sedans, cutting them out right and left, Toyota sees an opportunity–and will make every effort to take advantage of the model offering changes, and is betting heavily that consumers, put off by the lack of sedans in their showrooms, will flock to Toyota dealerships instead.

“It makes sense that Toyota would expand its sedan lineup, …

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19 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 195 views

By Don Hammonds

Model year 2021 is shaping up to be a big one for Nissan, with a new version of its biggest seller, the 2021 Nissan Rogue, and the all-new Ariya, the brand’s first all electric SUV.

Later, you will see an all-new 2021 Nissan GT-R all new versions of the full sized Titan and Titan XD trucks.

2021 Nissan Rogue

Nissan officials say that the all-new 2021 Nissan Rogue is a true game changer – one of the most advanced Nissan SUVs …

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19 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 313 views

  By Don Hammonds

     If you are a parent–or if you love going on long highway vacations with a carload of friends–rejoice.
   Honda’s big news for 2021 is the arrival of a refreshed and revamped Honda Odyssey.
Honda’s big minivan has been the best selling minivan for ten years running, and not only does it deliver on the practical, it also has been a pretty stylish ride too, considering its purpose.

[caption id="attachment_10937" align="alignnone" width="700"] 2021 Honda Odyssey[/caption]

     Now in …

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18 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 1,565 views

Cadillac has introduced its futuristic electric powered SUV, the Lyriq concept. A nearly identical production model slated to be unveiled in 2022, is based on GM’s next-generation, modular electric vehicle platform and driven by the Ultium propulsion system, allowing Cadillac to deliver customers a variety of range and performance options. Range is expected to be at least 300 miles.


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18 Aug 2020 | No Comment | 177 views

Editor’s note:

     The new model year–2021–is upon us. As we do every year, we are featuring stories on what to expect from each brand.  Today we feature Chevrolet and Ford, and tomorrow we will feature Nissan and Honda.  We hope you enjoy our stories!

Don Hammonds, Executive Editor and Publisher

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