2011 Buick

Buick’s back in its glamorous, flashy way--glitz, ritz and all that jazz.
 But seriously, buyers are flocking to this brand in large numbers, and for reason. It’s got the goods. Period. LaCrosse Oh, how this car has changed. From a less than gorgeous, workaday intermediate sedan, to a drop dead glamorous sedan for 2011 that is clearly heads and shoulders above just about anybody in its price sector in terms of sheer presence, the LaCrosse is clear evidence that General Motors is back at the top of the styling pack. From its sleek semi-fastback roofline to unusual, arresting looking lighting as part of its center console, the LaCrosse finally gives the Lexus folks something to worry about. For 2011, LaCrosse expands its lineup with a new Ecotec, 2.4 liter, 182 horsepower four, which is standard equipment on the lower line CX and CXL models that don’t have four wheel drive. If you get all wheel drive, you’ll get the 3.6 liter, 280 horsepower V-6. Mileage is 17 to 19/27 to 30 miles per gallon. Regal Remember the Regal of yesteryear with opera windows, hood ornament, and half vinyl roofs? It’s long gone, of course, but the Regal name has been resurrected for an engaging new sports sedan based on an Opel model. It’s trim, athletic, and everything that buyers don’t expect from Buick. You’ll also be able to get a six speed manual on the new Regal. The interior has a cockpit-like flavor, done in two tones, with stylish yet tasteful gauges and decent, su-portive seats. You’ll find a nice selection of standard equ0paent including full power accessories, tilt and telescoped wheels, crui8se, , and plenty of other stuff. Engines include a 2.4 liter 182 horsepower V-6, 2.0 liter 20 horsepower, turbocharged four. Mileage ratings are 12 to 18/18-26 miles per gallon.

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