Welcome! You are now taking a look at the long-awaited totally revamped Automobile Journal Web site. We’ve been working on this now for about eight months, in countless hours of meetings, conferences, writing, editing, filming and designing, and we hope you like what you see. Just to refresh you about our mission, we aim to inform and entertain people who love cars. Most of us who are into cars are interested in many aspects of the car hobby. We love to read road tests. We love to go to auto shows. We love classic cars. We love collecting showroom brochures, books, and model cars. We enjoy exchanging viewpoints and ideas with like-minded people. We’re also curious about the designers and others who were connected with the cars that we love, so you’ll see interviews with those folks on our site. We love reading histories of our favorite brands and stories on those wild concept cars that knock our eyes out, and yes, those are on our site, too. We love listening to podcasts about our favorite subject. And often, we just want to spend hours looking at fabulous videos and photos of the cars we’ve always dreamed about in action. We also aim to be a resource for people looking for car cruises and car clubs, providing a place to find dates for events, and information on car museums and other auto related locales. We are totally committed to diversity and inclusion when it comes to the automotive industry, and as a result, you will find plenty of articles and insight from our partner, Women-Drivers.Com, one of the best and most informative websites in the industry, headed up by the talented, capable Anne Fleming. We hope you will soon see other evidence of our support of diversity on our site soon, whether it is ethnic, racial or sexual orientation related. This field is everybody, as far as we are concerned, not just for the few. We believe we are one of the few “full service” automotive websites on the Internet. Almost everybody else serves as a resource for purchasing cars, pricing them. They often provide heavy—and often hard to comprehend-- technical information—or they are done exclusively for certain makes or certain types of vehicles. We are none of those things. There are plenty of sites to help you buy a car, and plenty of magazines that have reams of statistics, data, engineering material and lots of other things on cars in their pages. You know who they are and we are sure that you use and enjoy them already. Think of us as a site for everyday automotive folks. And we say all that with pride. You will find lots of new features on this site that we did not include on our old one. We have breathtaking videos on our Automobile Journal Films or “AJ Films” feature, done by Shan Sharma and his team, some of the most talented people in the industry. You’ll be able to enjoy videos on just about all of the cars and trucks that we test drive here. We are busily at work on our podcasts, which will be conversations on cars and trucks we’ve tested, as well as features on automotive related subjects. We also are in the process of assembling a community forum feature, and we hope to have that up and running shortly. In sum, we have a product that all of us—myself, Anne Fleming, Chuck Kerber, Shan Sharmer, Nicholas Troiani, Andre Dickson, and countless other people who are working with us—hope you will enjoy. Happy reading! Don Hammonds Publisher and Executive Editor

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