Little (model) Benzes: Celebrating MB’s 100th in style–AMG style

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By Don Hammonds This year's big milestone  for the auto industry is the 100th anniversary for Mercedes-Benz. The storied automaker is the birthplace of many a patent for important auto technology, safety and performance features, and we need not remind you of the many fabulous wheels they've sent down the road, much to the pleasure of auto enthusiasts and consumers alike. Today, perhaps some of the most coveted new Mercedes cars are the AMG versions, all of which are fast enough to curl both your hair and toes, while transporting you in style and almost unimaginable comfort. For model collectors, now is a terrific time to pick models of almost the entire AMG lineup, just in time to help mark Mercedes' milestone with a bit of flash and speed for your own collectibles display. The examples  we review here are done by AUTOart, certainly one of the model industry's most skilled and prestigious maker of scale model toys, and Maisto,  maker of some pretty dynamite collectibles that are getting even better every day. Let's take a look.  First up: AUTOart's remarkable S63 AMG four door sedan.
 Auto enthusiasts know the S Class as one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced luxury sedans in the world, and much of that is captured accurately and well by the AUTOart model, priced at $149.95. The silvery gold paint finish is both rich and accurate to a shade offered by Mercedes, and the car is so detailed that you can see the heating wires in the rear windshield and turn signal lenses are built into the side mirrors.  As is the case with most AUTOart models, the S63 AMG has closed windows; a good thing in terms of keeping destructive dust out of the interior. All four doors open, and as you look at the interior, you see that the grain in the leather and the contour of the seats are dead on.   What's amazing is that AUTOart was  able to duplicate the complex curves of the dashboard, as well as apply some of the most accurately portrayed wood grain we've ever seen. You can see the metal sill plates that grace the entries to the real car, as well as every single button and control on the door panels. Tiny silver buckles and red reflectors can also be seen inside the car. Though the engine is a plate rather than a separate engine under the hood, you probbly won't notice the difference. Every emblem, every hose, every label is accurately portrayed and detailed underhood.  Meanwhile, around back you'll find an opening and closing trunk with carpeting can be seen as well. The 1:18th model is one of the best we've seen in a long time, and a worthy addition to anyone's collection. Next up is Maisto's beautiful Mercedes SLS AMG coupe model, an accurate and detailed representationi of the real gull-winged beauty. We expect this particular model to be a sell-out for Maisto, not simply because of the car it portrays, but because it's so well-done and detailed. The fact that you can buy it at most hobby stores and big box stores for way less than $20 makes it almost a steal. First of course, is the detail and intricacy it took to replicate the gull wing doors, and they shut tightly and well, we might add. Underneath each door is a accuratrely portrayed panel from the real car with all the appropriate controls and door handles. The steering wheel has the same unusual design found on the real car,as well as all of the buttons and emblems properly displayed.  The knobs, controls and buttons of the center console and as well as the radio are all appropriate to the real car and are three dimensional, not flat, decaled or painted. Proportions are dead on and the relationship of the wheels and tires to the wheel wells and the stance of the car are just as they are on the real car. And perhaps best of all-- the rear spoiler is deployable--up or down-- depending on your preference. All in all, the 1:18th SLS AMG is a bargain--and pretty soon-- a rare one, we suspect. Better grab one if you can find it. Our next model is perhaps the rarest of all--a 1:18th Mercedes C63 AMG by AUTOart, priced at $149.95. Models of the C Class in any form are rare enough except perhaps in 1:43 scale, and this one is just as brutish looking and pugnacious as the real  car.  AUTOart beautifully captured the bulldog like ambiance of the real C63 AMG, and if you look closely you can almost see the exhaust  smoke coming out of those honkin' hollowed out chrome plated exhaust pipes in the rear.
The photo etched emblems are a special feature of this car, with all of them being correctly proportioned and sized on the model itself. You'll also see metal buckles inside the interior, separately installed door handles,  and flush fitting panels all the way around. Under the hood, every pipe, hose and fluid container is faithfully replicated, as is the Mercedes emblem and AMG lettering on the engine. A  beautifully rendered model by AUTOart of an almost unbelievably powerful, lusty luxury compact sedan. The 1:18th model of Mercedes' crown jewel, the SL65 AMG, is one of the best ever done by Maisto. This scale model looks like one that should cost plenty more than it does, and every single detail from lenses to proportions are absolutely flawless. The headlights alone---particularly intricate looking onthe real car-- are so real looking you expect them to light up. You can even see the tiny Mercedes emblem and "chrome" ring arund the scale transmission shifter in the car.  The instrument panel is particularly well done with all details, including "glass" on the navigation screen,silver paddle shifters,  and metal sill plates at the door entrances, look just like what you find on the real car.  The diamond shaped grain on the seats of the real car is there for your model collecting pleasure as well.  By the way, the engine portrayed here is the V12 turbocharged version, and too is done well, except for the absence of the Mercedes emblem on the top of the engine. This one's a "gotta have it" for your model collection, gang. Perhaps on no other model was the painstaking detail taken by AUTOart more obvious than the 1:18tyh Mercedes CL63 model, priced at $149.95. Maybe it was the off white color, but everywhere you looked you noticed so many things. Individual chrome pieces under the windows and along the sill edges at the bottom of the car were all carefully applied on this sleek, ultra-expensive two door coupe. 
  The design and style of the headlight lenses included individual projector beams inside along with separate lenses for the fog lights. The window glass was as thin and frameless as could be for an even more accurate look, and inside, chrome handles on the tops of the front bucket seats and the little metal buckels sparkled.  The quad chrome exhausts are nicely hollowed out, and the long, thin lens for the rear brake light could be seen under the rear window. Emblems are all photo etched, and the white lenses for the backup lights are so accurate you think you're looking at the real car. More information on these models can be found at and

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