The line forms to the left: Maisto unveils Ford GT model

9 May 2017 | No Comment | 1,233 views

By Don Hammonds


Just wow.

Maisto’s 1:18 rendering of Ford’s incredible new Ford GT is to say the least, stunning.

We are talking top drawer details, design that is painstakingly aacurate, and overall, a big surprise for hobbyists who might not have thought of Maisto when it comes to production of top-tier premium reproductions.

In fact, that’s the name of this new series of models for Maisto: Maisto Premium.

And the company could not have picked a more appropriate car for the unveiling of the …

Toradol For Sale

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Toradol For Sale, ByDon Hammonds

It's time for Santa again, model collectors.

But are you missing something from your list to the man in red this year.

If  you love 64th scale model cars--and who doesn't among  model car enthusiasts?--you may have overlooked some of the best products coming out of what is arguably the master of the scale: GreenLight, online buy Toradol without a prescription.

You know GreenLight's work. Buy Toradol online cod, Painstakingly accurate. One of the only companies that gives you accurately designed wheels, rims, hubcaps and interiors.  Paint so glossy and real looking  that you think you're looking at the real car, Toradol For Sale. And there are dioramas and tiny service department tools with some of the cars for display purposes.

The series which you may have missed belong to Series 1 and Series 2 of GreenLight's GL Muscle series, Toradol no rx, and here they are. Is Toradol addictive, Salivate and enjoy:


GL Muscle - Series 2

1:64th Scale

  • 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Custom

  • 1971 AMC Javelin AMX Custom

  • 2010 Chevy Camaro

  • 2010 Chevy Corvette Z06

  • 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T

  • 2010 Ford Shelby GT500


GL Muscle - Series 1

1:64th Scale

  • 2010 Ford Mustang GT

  • 2010 Chevy Camaro RS

  • 1968 Buick GS 350

  • 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T

  • 1987 Ford Mustang GT

  • 1969 Chevy Chevelle SS


   The GL Muscle series  features both older and new muscle cars.  We took a look at series one and two and we found lots to crow about.  The features included in  the series' models across the board are extra wheels and rims, collectible trading cars with perfomrance stats,model descriptions, about Toradol, all metal chassis, Ordering Toradol online,   emblems "called out" accurately and in the correct positions, and even tiny white lettering on the black wall tires.

In Series 1, buy cheap Toradol no rx, there were undisputably nothing but winners. Toradol For Sale, But we will admit to being a bit prejudiced toward certain cars for which we had a special affinity. Toradol blogs, The Buick GS 350 was indeed one of the most luxurious muscle cars around, with full power equipment, bucket seats and other niceties, where can i buy Toradol online. And it could look good and haul you know what to achieve 60 in 6.8 seconds. What is Toradol, The model has a nice, glossy cherry red finish with a simulated black vinyl roof. Inside, Toradol natural,, Purchase Toradol for sale, there's an accurately shaped and designed steering wheel and dashboard, and the red "GS" insignia can be on the grille.  Buick's famous chromed rims that have graced all of their performance cars show up nicely on GreenLight's example.

Meanwhile, the engine has the famous silver air cleaner and trademark red orange paint, a tiny, well done version of the real thing, Toradol For Sale. Proportions and stance are also quite accurate, online buying Toradol hcl, and the fender wheel openings have thefcorrect relationship to the rest of the car.  There's absolutely nothing amiss here. Toradol trusted pharmacy reviews, Ford's 1987 Mustang GT is probably one of the best examples we've seen of the genre anywhere, regardless of scale.

 Teeny, purchase Toradol, tiny red pinstripes grace the flanks of the  car, Toradol samples, and emblems are done well,, too.  If you look at the engine, buying Toradol online over the counter, you will see the distinctive air cleanerand engine compartment done right to scale, Toradol from canadian pharmacy, too, complete with some plumbing.  The turbine looking wheels are especially impressiuve with each fin and each lug nut done to perfection, along with the flat black finish of the wheels between the fins, Toradol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release.

The engine by the way, Order Toradol from mexican pharmacy, was a 5.0 liter V-8 wotoh 225 horsepower, and hit 60 in 6.4 seconds. Toradol For Sale, Are you a Challenger fan?  If so, you'll want to run and get a copy of GreenLight's 1980 Dodge Challenger R/T, done up in an unusually well done shade of Sublime Green.  There's that honkin' huge red Hemi air cleaner on display, and the proportions of the car couldn't be better done.  What's especially impressive is that GreenLight got the shape of the rear wheel wells exactly right; most companies make their models with round ones, which throws off the look of the car.

Inside the unusual looking instrument panel is there to enjoy, after Toradol, and the shape of the seats is exactly as Dodge intended on the real car. Toradol forum, On this car, the 425 horsepower Hemi engine is a joy to behold.  Don't miss it.

The 2010 Camaro is also worth noting because it is the more popular RS version as opposed to the SS version--which, real brand Toradol online, by the way, Toradol schedule, is done in series two in fashion. It's hard to get this shape done well, and the haunches in correct proporton a nd shape, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but GreenLight did it.

Series 2 is another fabulous job, only this time,m you have contemporary models that are iehgter in the showroom nowd or only a short year or two away from having been in one, Toradol For Sale. Herbal Toradol, This series includes the 1965 Chebrolet Chevelle SS, 1971 AMC Javelin, 2010 Corvette ZO6, Toradol dangers, 2010 Challenger R/T and the 2010 Ford Shelby GT500. Cheap Toradol no rx, We absolutely loved the Shelby GT500, withi its meaty looking tires and detailed rims, and fronnt end, kjøpe Toradol på nett, köpa Toradol online, with ll of its angles and unusual curves, Canada, mexico, india, was a real treat for a scale modeler's eyes..  On this model, even the backup lights were detailed, and there's a license plate number, discount Toradol, too, Australia, uk, us, usa, , to complete the effect. The rear end looked a bit too low over the tires, generic Toradol, which have a bit more space beteen tire and fender edge, Doses Toradol work,   but that was the only flaw we saw in an otherwise steller model.

Dodge's 2010 to 2011 Challenger has been a handful for some model companies which were unable to get all of the proportions, stances and details done accurately, Toradol dose. Toradol For Sale, But GreenLight sure had no problems. 

These look like they rolled right out of the real car factory door, and the car even looks bigger next to the 1970 Challenger, because it is indeed, larger than the older car. 

The stripes on the 2010 RT version of the Challenger hit the cars at just the right angle  and the gas cap is nicely called out, too.  You can also see that the engine looks like the real car, and the interior is a miniaturized take on the real car,  too.  Overall, a very good rendition on a popular muscle car.

The good thing to note on the 2010 Camaro SS is that it does have the small distinctions shown on it that make it different from the RS version we talked about earlier. From stripes, to wheels, to the blacked out grille, you'll know its a true SS.
So if you have a preference for either the SS or the RS, GreenLight's got you covered.

The ZO6 model from GreenLight will no doubt, put a sparkle in Corvette fans' eyes. The colors and called out details are all as they should be. 

    But we thought that the model seemed a bit taller and less sleek than the real car, for some reason. We suspect it may have been because the tire to fender well relationship was a  bit off, while the real car really swallows those tires up round back.

But otherwise, the ZO6 is a pretty nice rendition of  a much beloved sports car, and will be enjoyed by almost anyone who buys one.

Most GreenLight models can be found at prices of $3 to $5 apiece at most "big box" stores or hobby shops.  For more information, go to the GreenLight website,

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Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription

11 Oct 2011 | No Comment | 3,961 views

Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription, Some of history's best loved "rides" from the flicks are getting a second wind, thanks to GreenLight, maker of highly accurate, upscale 1:64 model cars.

     The first series features Dom's Dodge Charger, herbal Alesse (Ovral L), Ordering Alesse (Ovral L) online, from "Fast & Furious," the kickin' 1977 Pontiac Trans Am from "Sm0key and the Bandit, Alesse (Ovral L) results, Purchase Alesse (Ovral L) for sale, " the imposing Chicago Police Dodge Monaco from "The Blues Brothers," Jake and Elwood's Bluesmobile from "The Blues Brothers, purchase Alesse (Ovral L) online no prescription, Order Alesse (Ovral L) online overnight delivery no prescription, " and Natalia's Dodge Charger fr0m the "CSI: Miami" television show.



As has always been the case with GreenLight, Alesse (Ovral L) class, Alesse (Ovral L) pharmacy, the accuracy quotient is absolutely phenomenal. Just simply unerring all  around.  The proportrions are correct with all of these models and they each have  accurate wheels and decals like "To serve and protect" that are accurate to the real car, Alesse (Ovral L) description. Discount Alesse (Ovral L),   You can read all of the intricate insignia and discern all the markings such as "We Serve and Protect" on the Chicago Dodge police car and the  beautiful gold phoenix, engine hood insignia and windshield surrounds on the Trans Am, Alesse (Ovral L) maximum dosage. Even the inserts around the grille in the  Trans Am are gold and the Pontiac emblem is its proper red hue.  You'll even see the broken out  rear window and P1 insignia on the Bluesmobile, Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription. Order Alesse (Ovral L) online c.o.d, Paint finishes are accurate too. And if you look at the Dom's Dodge Charger model, get Alesse (Ovral L), Alesse (Ovral L) recreational, it's the best example of a model car in base gray primer coat that we've ever seen.  And both grille wheels are blacked out as they should be like the real model.

The metal floor plates are all correctly detailed on these models too, where can i cheapest Alesse (Ovral L) online, Buy no prescription Alesse (Ovral L) online, with the correct exhaust pipe configurations, fuel tank location, Alesse (Ovral L) no prescription, Alesse (Ovral L) without prescription, and perimeters of the chassis.

Each of them comes with some description of the cars and the roles they played in the movies, Alesse (Ovral L) over the counter, Alesse (Ovral L) coupon,  as well as the proper insiginia, titles and colors from the movies themselves, Alesse (Ovral L) trusted pharmacy reviews. Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription, These are all limited edition models designed for folks who are eight year old and up, and yes, they are more collecitlbes than toys. Online buy Alesse (Ovral L) without a prescription, GreenLight is known of course, for its famed Muscle Car Garage series which featured dozens of well-known muscle and performance cars, is Alesse (Ovral L) safe, Purchase Alesse (Ovral L) online, all done with unequalled accuracy and precision.  They are highly sought after now on the secondary market and we expect them to continue to increase in value as years go by.

Now they're ready to go with the third series of  GL Muscle cars and trucks in packagees which also include colorful trading cards and a set of extra wheels that can be installed, purchase Alesse (Ovral L). About Alesse (Ovral L), On the back of the packages are charts listing the year of the vehicle, 0-60 times, Alesse (Ovral L) dangers, Canada, mexico, india, the horsepower of the engine, and a description of the color, buy Alesse (Ovral L) online cod. No prescription Alesse (Ovral L) online,


  And if you're lucky, you could get a green chase card in the package which of course, effects of Alesse (Ovral L), Buying Alesse (Ovral L) online over the counter, would send the collectible value skyrocketing.

This series includes a 1965 Dodge D-100, 1967 Chevy Corvette, 1969 Mustang Boss 429, 1980 Pontiac Firebvird TTA, 2004 Mercury Marauder, and 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8, Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription.

      This series continues the practice by GreenLight of offering models that you can't anywhere else at any price or scale, Alesse (Ovral L) pictures. Cheap Alesse (Ovral L) no rx, Obviously this is nirvhana for those of us who love particular cars but have waited years to no avail to find them in model car form.

      Of particular interest its the 1980 Pontiac Firebird TTA, order Alesse (Ovral L) from mexican pharmacy, which stands for Turbo Trans Am. We haven't found this one anywhere else and we're sure Pontiac fans are going to go wild for this one because it's so well done. Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription,  First and foremost,, that's the model of the real engine under the hood. GreenLight thankfully did not take a shortcut and put in any old model engine to substitute and hope that nobody notices. The company clearly has high reproduction standards, and they're to be commended for it.

     You'll also see a rare T-Top configuration, well done moldings around the rear and front windshield, a dead on accurate gold paint job and a well done black interior.  The only question we have is about the wheels; we know they aren't the stock wheels that came with the turbo model, and we also notice that the Firebird decal insignia on the side near the window is missing.  Also you have a Chevy badge on the trading card for a Firebird, front and back, and that needs to be fixed immediately.

We also loved the 2004 Mercury Marauder sedan. 

 As you know Mercuries in any form are extremely rare in the model industry, and this GreenLight example is well done.  The paint color matches precisely one that was offered on the real car, and ther are stock aluminum wheels  are identical to the real car. Proportions, profiles and body character lines are accuratre and well placed, too. Even the yellow side marker lights are "called out" accurately, Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription.

It would be a good idea to get some of these while you can; we think the Marauder may prove tough for some collectors to find down the road.

      We were also smitten by thge 2010 Dodge Charger SRT8, an ultra-high performance Hemi powered monster that, as far as we know, had yet to be put into model car form until GreenLight came along.  You can see that menacing Hemi engine under the hood, and it too, was reproduced well.. GreenLight is one of the best companies when it comes to reproducing the newest Chargers; the hood to roof to body side look is always like the real car.

The only problem. Buy Alesse (Ovral L) Without Prescription, The yellow  trading card picture doesn't match the shade of yellow orange used on the model inside of the package.  But again, this is a model that you will likely not see in any other form. Yep, there are plenty of models around that are variants of the Charger, but no SRT8s.

  The line forms to the left at GreenLight stands, gang.

In sum, yet again, GreenLight continues to go to the head of the class when it comes to 1:64 scale. 

Pricing?  We've seen them in a range of $3.50 or so to $5 in Pittsburgh area stores, so it's hard to say exactly what you'd pay for one.

 For more information, go to

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Little (model) Benzes: Celebrating MB’s 100th in style–AMG style

12 Jul 2011 | No Comment | 3,259 views

By Don Hammonds

This year’s big milestone  for the auto industry is the 100th anniversary for Mercedes-Benz.

The storied automaker is the birthplace of many a patent for important auto technology, safety and performance features, and we need not remind you of the many fabulous wheels they’ve sent down the road, much to the pleasure of auto enthusiasts and consumers alike.

Today, perhaps some of the most coveted new Mercedes cars are the AMG versions, all of which are fast enough to curl both …

New GreenLight 1:64 Additions Are Real Gems

19 Apr 2010 | No Comment | 8,537 views

GreenLight  fans–and we know your numbers are huge—rejoice!

Your favorite model company has released some new products in its Auction Block and Muscle Car Garage lineups, and after taking a close look, we can tell you that they are terrific, as usual.

We had a chance to take a look at the following new Auction Block 1:64 scale models: 2010 Ford Shelby GT500, 1968 Plymouth GTX hardtop; 1966 Shelby GT-350H, 1970 Chevrolet Corvette LT-1 ZR-1, and the 1971 Dodge Charger R/T Hemi.

In …

Holiday Model Cars Under This Year’s Tree

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It’s gift giving time again, and model car makers have a bunch of models, old and new, that may find a a home under many a holiday tree this year.

And of course, many of the models we reviewed were all done up in shiny red paint—what else would you expect in December?

Our first stop on our holiday rounds is Danbury Mint, maker of some of the finest 1:24 model cars and trucks in the country. Their contribution this month is …

GreenLight’s Latest Barrett Jackson Series Models

9 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 4,744 views

When it comes to collector car events, few compare to the ritz, glitz, and glamour of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction. Fashion shows, ride ‘n drives, and plenty of nightlife welcome visitors to the events, help in Scottsdale, Palm Beach,. Fla. and Las Vegas.

The stars of these shows are the dizzying array of classic and special interest cars Established in 1971 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction specializes in providing products and services to classic and collector …

Danbury Mint '08

30 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 4,494 views

The very first Danbury Mint model I saw was, I believe their first ever in the diecast business. It was an antique Mercedes Benz roadster from the 1930s, and it was exceptionally well done.

Many years have passed since that first replica was introduced, and Danbury Mint has only become stronger, more dominant and more pace setting in the die cast 1:24 model business.

Opening doors, real fuel and brake lines, fully detailed engines, stickers and labels where they should be—they …

Franklin Mint '08

30 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 6,982 views

When you say “Franklin Mint,” you’re talking some of the highest quality replicas on the market from one of the pioneers of 1:24 die cast automobiles and trucks.

They offer everything, too, from contemporary cars and trucks to some rare historic cars and trucks that aren’t often seen even in museums.

Prices for their products generally range from just over $100 to $140, and the collection is an extensive one.

For instance, the Franklin Mint has a number of worthy limited-edition products …

New GMP Models

30 Dec 2007 | No Comment | 2,654 views

GMP, a relatively new model car company, has already established a reputation for unbeatable detail, impeccable quality and models that sell out almost immediately after they hit the market.

Their lineup is a strong one in 1:24, 1:18 and 1:12 scales, with everything from Cobras and Corvettes, to Pontiac GTOs, Ford Mustangs and Plymouth Road Runners.

Their 1:24 collection includes Ford Mustangs, Mustang Shelby models, Pontiac GTOs, and Buick T Types among other things—but you’d better check with GMP because their …

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