“Ferrari Design:” Style in the house of the prancing horse

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“Ferrari Design: The Definitive Study,” by Glen Smale, $69.95, 272 pages, Haynes Publishing and distributed by Motorbooks/Quayside Distribution Services.

By Don Hammonds

Are you big on style? And even bigger on Ferraris?

You’lll want to check out a new book that chronicles the design of one of the world’s most glamourous automotive brands–Ferrari.

Yes, we know there are tons of books on these gorgeous automobiles, but this is a book with a difference. In eafh of its chapters, you’re introduced toa different model or …

Looking for good “car reads?” Try these

4 Jan 2011 | No Comment | 2,395 views

It’s 2011, and time to get over the post-holiday doldrums by checking out some new books about cars.

Some of the best to cross our desk at Automobile Journal are all about some of your favorite brands: Corvette, Porsche, and Jaguar.  Is that enough to light your fire on these upcoming cold winter days?

Let’s start off with a bang with the new “Jaguar: All the Cars” Second Edition” by Nigel  Thorley. Thick, substantial, packed with pictures of every description and invaluable …

Good Holiday Reading for Car Enthusiasts

15 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 2,649 views

Plenty of car enthusiasts will want to spend their Christmas evenings after all that good food sitting by the tree reading when they find out what awaits them from the new books out this year.

“Shelby: The Complete Book of Shelby Automobiles,” $45.00, Motorbooks/MBI Publishing Company

There have been a number of interesting books about Shelby and Carroll Shelby of late, but if you want to read the complete story—not just about Ford Mustangs and Cobra roadsters, but about the products …

The Complete Book, of Dodge and Plymouth Muscle

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“The Complete Book, of Dodge and Plymouth Muscle”, Mike Mueller, $40.00

Here’s another “must have” book for car enthusiasts, especially thouse of the Mopar variety.

This book may have some material that is familiar to you, but the breezy, witty writing style of Mr. Mueller makes it a joy to read or to hear about again.  There seems to be a lot more background knowledge, though, with Mr. Mueller’s book, including inside looks at the developments of these cars, and some of …

GTO: Pontiac’s Great One

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“GTO: Pontiac’s Great One,” Darwin Holmstrom, with photographs by David Newhardt, $50.00.

This is one massive, massive tome to one of America’s four wheeled-sweethearts. The sad thing is that it feels so anticlimactic because, as we all know, Pontiac is no more. This book helps us to understand why that is such a huge blow to the automotive industry as we know it today.

The sheer size of this book is almost overwhelming. It’s 334 pages of  huge, lavish color photographs, featuring …

Lamborghini: Forty Years, by David Jolliffe and Tony Willard

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Italian Car Books, Anyone?

If you want to get your motor revving smoothly, buy an Italian sports car. If you want to do it cheaply, buy a book about Italian sports car.

There are some awfully good ones around, too.

One of favorites is “Lamborghini: Forty Years,” by David Jolliffe and Tony Willard. This is a lavish coffee table-style book that covers the brand up to the fabulous Gallardo. It includes lots of historical photos, including shoots of the late Ferruccio Lamborghini, …

Virgil Exner, Visioneer, by Peter Grist

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One of my favorites is a new biography of auto visionary Virgil Exner, who spearheaded some of the most terrific auto designs of the past. Remember “The Forward Look” from Chrysler during the 1950s and 1960s? That was all about Mr. Exner, and all of the fascinating details of the dashing Mr. Exner’s transformation of dowdy Chrysler Corporation cars into the stars of the automotive firmament.

We learn a great deal about the man himself, of course. In contrast to the …

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