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31 Oct 2009 | No Comment | 1,990 views
2010 Jaguar XK

The Bottom Line: The XK is physically beautiful with hints of the legendary E-Type in its DNA. There’s also a lot of the XF sedan, which makes the “sports car” XK far more civilized than one might expect. The days of super-sporty Jags may be behind us, but it’s still a pleasure to drive.

I admit to a fondness for Jaguars, and according to several people I spoke with during the week I had the XK, it’s a disease that’s catching. Never mind that Jags have had a well-deserved reputation for quality issues (since eliminated thanks to years under Ford’s umbrella) and, of course, the dreaded Lucas electrical system (also eliminated). Jaguars have a certain panache that any manufacturer would love to emulate.

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