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4 May 2011 | No Comment | 4,083 views
Buick: Romantic design meets the road

By Don Hammonds

‘A few years ago, Automobile Journal caught up with General Motors styling chief Ed Welburn, and had a talk with him about Buick design.

At the time, Buick had introduced a fabulous convertible concept called the Velite, and just about everybody had begged Mr. Welburn to make sure this one saw the light of day. Alas, it didn’t–or at least it hasn’t so far–but  Mr. Welburn did speak almost poetically about what he called the “romance” of Buick design.

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6 Jul 2010 | No Comment | 4,644 views
2011 Honda CR-Z Design Critique:  It’s all about motion

 One thing’s for sure—the all-new CR-Z is turning heads wherever it’s seen.

 During  test drives made by Automobile Journal staffers, we all noticed it. Students stopping in their tracks and giving the “thumbs up“ signal.  A couple driving a BMW who motioned for us to roll down the window and said, “Cool! That’s the first one we’ve seen.” Truck drivers rushing to pull aside us and yell,” What is it?” One guy almost dropped a sofa he was loading onto his …

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