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31 Jan 2018 | No Comment | 574 views

By Don Hammonds

That sleek looking blur that just roared past  you just might be a 2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400.

Infiniti is not playing with this car–they are deadly serious about making a name and building a rep for this particular model.

Of course, the big elephant in the room in the superfast midsized luxury sedan market are from BMW in the form of its M sedans. But never mind.  The Infiniti has a couple of cards to play that I think one-up …

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11 Feb 2017 | No Comment | 1,209 views
InfinitiQ60 Red Sport 400 Coupe

Some cars are just beyond expression in words.

You gotta drive it instead.

Such a car is Infiniti’s Q60 Red Sport 400 AWD.

Exhilarating. Chock full of tech.  Awesome exhaust sounds. And lusty, catch me if you can driving thrills.

To be clear, I would not describe this as a sports car per se. It is a luxury grand touring coupe–a strong handling high speed car that is meant to be driven on weekend trips and cross country journeys.

Of course, this car is designed …

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30 Jan 2017 | No Comment | 921 views
2017 Infiniti QX80 and 2017 Nissan Armada: Good cars needing more unique identities

By Don Hammonds

When you see either the 2017 Infiniti QX80 Premium and the 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum, you will likely notice one thing: They are big-time big.

But bigger in this case is truly better, with each of them offering the last word in comfort, safety and hominess behind the wheel. The Armada is a full-size–some might say plus-size SUV that can haul up to 8,500 pounds if equipped appropriately, and the same can be said for the Infiniti QX80 Premium. …

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14 Jan 2017 | No Comment | 1,402 views
2017 North American International Auto Show: Families–rich or otherwise—rule!

By Don Hammonds

Most of us car writers usually try to pick a main theme every year following the 2017 North American International Auto Show, now underway in Detroit.

Sometimes it’s sports cars. Sometimes it’s sport utility vehicles. Other times it’s hybrid or electric cars. Whatever.

Well,  this year, it’s clearly family cars. And that means a totally new affordable family sedan like the 2018 Toyota Camry. Or the livery for the well-heeled family–the also all new Lexus LS500. Or a dependable ride …

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23 Nov 2016 | No Comment | 1,632 views
2016 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400 3.0t AWD: Long name, “hella” car

By Don Hammonds


Everybody knows red is the color for passion–and sex.

We have never thought that Infiniti products needed a name that exudes passion. The cars do that for themselves, thank you very much.

But this special iteration of the Q50–not a car noted for being cold-blooded OR slow—adds a lot of spice to a product already blessed with a reputation for being an enthusiast’s ride.

Frankly, we think Infiniti to stand to cut a few words out of the long name–every time …

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26 Apr 2015 | One Comment | 5,072 views
2015 New York Auto Show: Best show in town wasn’t on Broadway

By Don Hammonds

When auto shows begin their annual displays of razzle dazzle  in this country, most auto writers think they know what to expect.

Detroit will be a busy, hectic, but important show where we will see what’s on tap from the U.S. in coming years. Chicago will host a far more expansive and comfortable car show, earning its stripes as the circuits most enjoyable venue. but its unveilings may not be quite ground breaking as the Detroit show.

And New York …

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16 Feb 2015 | 3 Comments | 12,222 views
Detroit:2015 North American International Auto Show

This year’s North American International Auto Show—also known as the Dtroit Auto Show-took a U turn away from hybrids and compact cars–and unveiled a slew of big cars, huge trucks and flashy sport car with blistering performance. Everyone from Ford and Buick——that’s Buick’s stunning concept car, the Avenir, just above– to Acura and Lexus unveiled products that represented a huge departure from the sorts of cars seen at the last few Detroit Auto Shows.

Just about the only brands introducing products that …

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15 Aug 2012 | No Comment | 5,258 views
Buy Aricept Without Prescription

Buy Aricept Without Prescription, By Don Hammonds

When we at Automobile Journal get word that an Infiniti is coming to our happy home, the lines start forming to the left.

Infinitis, you see, Aricept long term, are automotive testaments unto themselves, with brand-specific pleasures that simply aren't to be found that often anymore.

It's a brand that simply stands alone, being its own true self in all of its expressions, Aricept interactions.

Everything from the sound of the exhaust systems (pure, tingly automotive glory to the ears), Aricept canada, mexico, india, to the iconic name and emblem stitched into every seat, seems to  be designed for dyed in wool car lovers and nobody else.  They are resolutely non-conformist in every sense, and thank goodness for that.  We love different.

When I was handed the keys to two of them--a 2012 limited edition FX35 AWD and the 2012 G37 Coupe--on two consecutive weeks, Aricept coupon, I cleared my calendar because I knew what awaited me.

And given the stresses and trials of the summer thus far--it hasn't been a great one, I'm afraid--I was more than happy to storm through the front door of my noisy, kid-filled house and jump into the front seat, revving up the engine a bit longer just so I could hear the  burbling and rumbling of the exhaust pipes, Buy Aricept Without Prescription.

First up was the G37 Coupe. What is Aricept,

The basic  design of this car has been with us for a while, but the fact that it still looks terrific, and ageless, with hints of Aston-Martin up front and elsewhere, online buy Aricept without a prescription, we don't think any changes are necessary anyway.  There was plenty of finger pointing and dropped jaws by onlookers to convince us that Infiniti has a classic here.

Our test model had a base price of $40, Aricept dangers, 700, and that price included of course, the lusty 330 horsepoweer, 3.7 liter, Aricept price, 330 horsepower V-6 with DS (Drive Sport) sport mode, standard equipment included the "Attesa E-TS" all wheel drive system with snow mode, Aricept pictures, a seven speed automatic transmission,. some pretty lethal looking blade like paddles for manual shifting, dual chrome exhaust finishers, Aricept pics, leather, heated seats, Buy cheap Aricept no rx,   heated 0utside mirrors, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, aluminum kick plates, Infiniti signature analog clock, canada, mexico, india. Buy Aricept Without Prescription, and dual zone automatic temperature control.

That's not all of course. You get eight way power front seats, Aricept duration, lumbar support for the driver, BlueTooth,  and electronic brake force distribution.

We refer you to your local Infiniti dealer for a longer list of standard equipment; it's way too long to replicate here, Aricept over the counter.

Options included  a mooonroof, the Infiniti Studio on Wheels audio system, Buy generic Aricept, a memory system for tyhe drivers seat, steering wheel and otsdide mirror, a sport package with 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels, sport tuned suspension, Aricept no prescription, aluminum footrest and pedals, and a navigation system among many other things.

The bottom line was $48,445, Buy Aricept Without Prescription. Where can i buy cheapest Aricept online, The Coupe has an estimated annual fuel cost of $2,962, and a fuel rating of 18/25.

Driving the G37 Coupe is exhilarating to say the least.  You are pushed back into your seat as you accelerate, after Aricept, and you know precisely what the car is doing handling-wise as you head on down the road; there's no guesswork here.

I took a friend along, Aricept treatment, and he wasn't crazy about the firmness of the suspension or the car's eagerness to take off when it needed to.  But I just gave him my best "Are you out of your mind?" glance and kept right on enjoying the sense of pent-up energy and power that came from the G37.

The only drawbacks I could come up with was that it was tough to manipulate the seat cushion buttons because there was next to no room between the seat and the door, and the back seat was cramped.  That's it, gang, Aricept schedule. Buy Aricept Without Prescription, All I can say is, what a ride.

Then there was the 2012 FX35 AWD crossover.

If you have been left disheartened by the performance of crossovers that you've driven, Doses Aricept work, let me make a suggestion.

Find a curve.  Better still, find several in quick succession. And best if you can find it, where can i order Aricept without prescription, look for a straightaway after the curves.

Get into the FX35, Buy Aricept Without Prescription. Turn on the ignition. Where can i buy Aricept online, Press the pedal, and consider your crossover complex solved.  The FX35 is that good.

Of course, we knew it would be.  We've been following the performance--or should we say, Aricept street price, the antics--of the FX series of Infinitis since they were introduced a number of years ago. They've always been luxurious, Purchase Aricept online no prescription, non-conformist, tear up the road and scare the daylights out of the competing products ever since the first one hit the road. Buy Aricept Without Prescription, And this one is no different.  Have you ever seen the wicked grins on the faces of people own them. We have.  They are happy people.

Our test model was the new Limited Edition version of the FX35, buy Aricept online no prescription, painted in a magnificent shade of blue, with matching blue trimmed gray floor mats. Generic Aricept, The Limited Edition includes , 21-inch wheels, adaptive xenon  headlights, driver  seat memory, Aricept from canada,  a navigation system and the parking camera system.

Power comes from a 3.5 liter, Buy Aricept from mexico, 303 horsepower V-6, and the fuel economy rating is 16/21.  The annual estimated fuel cost is $3,294, bsed on 15, Aricept maximum dosage,000 miles of driving at $3.95 a gallon.

Standard equipment includes  aluminum alloy wheels, front and rear  stabilizer bars, leather seats, heated ten way power driver's seat including two-way lumber support, bi -functional high density xenon lights, black lacquer interior trim, adaptive front lighting system  aluminum pedals, aluminum roof rails, all power equipment such as steering, brakes,windows and mirrors, dual zone automatic temperature control system,  rear seat heating and cooling vents, a sequential welcome lighting illuminated entry system and overhead ambient lighting,  power rear tailgate and other items, Buy Aricept Without Prescription.

Driving the FX35 is much like driving a high performance luxury sedan, Aricept description, which is as it should be since it's based on the wonderful G37, a terrific car in its own right. Absolutely pancake flat cornering, stable, Aricept dosage, reassuring handling, and thunderous acceleration when you needed it.  And interior comfort?  Nothing like it. Where can i cheapest Aricept online, It's absolutely gorgeous inside, with every conceivable attention paid to passengers, and to the driver, who is ensconced in a cockpit-like atmosphere worthy of a fighter jet, buy Aricept from canada.

But we wouldn't say that the FX35 is perfect. Buy Aricept Without Prescription, It's ready for a rethink of the interior in terms of accommodations and space considerations, and the dash, in spite of some updates this model year,  is beginning to show its age. Rear seat room is at a premium, Aricept from canadian pharmacy, too. Like the G37 Coupe, getting to the seat controls with such cramped quarters at the bottom of the cushion can be a painful experience.

And this is not the car for you if you are accustomed to cushy, marshmallowy automobiles. Nor does it compare particularly well when it comes to interior space and room for carrying things.

But you know what.

We're willing to bet that useability, scads of interior room and all those "bothersome" practical considerations are not why people buy the FX, Buy Aricept Without Prescription.

These are crossovers for true, knowledgeable car enthusiasts who frankly, aren't likely to find their equal anywhere else at anything close to the price.

We think they buy it because its road performance and handling among luxury crossovers is unmatched, except perhaps for the Porsche Cayenne.  People buy it because  of the arresting styling that looks like nothing on the road  and the fact that, even though they may not need it for off-road driving that they don't do,  it still comes with all-wheel drive while still being a comfortable road-going product.

And we think they buy it because its fast--and sexy.  Yeah.

All good things come to an end, of course, and we had to return our Infinitis. But we only hope that, in an auto industry that is only too quick to copy what everybody else is doing, there will continue to be room for unique, almost boutique-esque products like Infinitis.

They are, after all, laws unto themselves.






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10 Feb 2012 | No Comment | 3,216 views
Nasonex For Sale

Nasonex For Sale, Hey, if you're looking to turn heads, and open up some ears with some sexy exhaust pipe rumblings, you will find it hard to beat a 2009 Infiniti G37 Coupe. 

And the cool thing about Infinitis is that although many refinements are made on the brand's products with each model change, there are not huge variations from year to year on styling. So that means that your used G37 will look every bit as hot as the 2012 version, Nasonex street price. Nasonex class, Few people will have any idea that your car is not a new one.

The 2009 G37 Coupe is an outstanding handler, Nasonex blogs, Buy cheap Nasonex, lusty companion on sweeps of highway, and is one of the fastest coupes around, Nasonex coupon. Get Nasonex, It's a cool ride for anybody.

The base 2009 G37 Coupe sells for around $28,825 with an all-wheel drive used 2009 version goihng for $29,450 these days according to  VMR's Used Car Prices guide (, Nasonex For Sale.

And better still, Nasonex alternatives, Buy no prescription Nasonex online, there were only 3 complaints of any kind in my involving the airbags and seatbelts, another involved electrical system concerns, purchase Nasonex online, Discount Nasonex, and the last included a minor powertrain glitch. No investigations or recalls either, Nasonex pics. My Nasonex experience, Here's what Automobile Journal thought of the 2009 G37 Coupe when we test drove it:


Infiniti stirred up a lot of excitement when word came down that it would soon offer its hot G37 Coupe in an all-wheel-drive version, Nasonex canada, mexico, india, Nasonex interactions, and after a bit of a wait—it’s here.

G37x G37x
Nasonex For Sale,  

If you order a G37x Coupe, you will lose the manual transmission, but the gain in horsepower from the 328 horsepower 3.7-liter V-6 engine is well worth it.  As you might guess, it brings strong acceleration along with impressive handling and steering feel on the road.

You also get the seven speed automatic, Nasonex for sale, Cheap Nasonex no rx, which means that even while you drive this car in the way that it clearly begs to be driven, you still manage to get over 20 miles per gallon—a nice benefit when you consider how much fun this car is to drive, real brand Nasonex online. Ordering Nasonex online, g37_2

Among the other new features for 2009 is the scratch shield paint, which the company says is “self-healing.” And of course, Nasonex dose, Where to buy Nasonex, there’s the 2009 G37 convertible, which we’re all waiting for here at Automobile Journal, cheap Nasonex. Nasonex used for, Though the G37x Coupe prices start at $38,500, where can i cheapest Nasonex online, Taking Nasonex, by the time you add some popular options, you’re probably looking at closer to $50, order Nasonex no prescription, Rx free Nasonex, 000, it’s worth every penny, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Purchase Nasonex online no prescription, It’s a finely tuned, fabulous automobile, Nasonex no rx. Online buy Nasonex without a prescription, While performance is clearly the name of the game with the G37x, it never lets you forget that it is a luxury car, purchase Nasonex for sale, Nasonex from mexico, too.


Just look at the touches you get on it, where can i order Nasonex without prescription. Buy Nasonex from mexico, You get illuminated kick plates, wood grain and sporty leather seats, Nasonex maximum dosage, not to mention a rather large back seat.  It has all the feel and sound of a sports car, without looking like your neighbor’s souped-up Honda Civic.

In sum, the G37x is for the confident driver who knows that his ride is faster than many and drives better than most—and maybe most important---I give it 9 out of 10 on the chick magnet scale!"

g37_int G37 Interior

G37 LED Tail lights G37 LED Tail lights

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5 Jan 2012 | No Comment | 2,872 views
Bactroban For Sale

Bactroban For Sale, By Don Hammonds

Here at Automobile Journal, we love "different."

And you don't get much more different, in a fabulous way, than Infiniti's 2012 M35h hybrid luxury sedan.  Prices start aty $53,700.

 Here's a car that gets really good gas mileage, has an interior that is quite unlike anything you'll find anywhere else, online Bactroban without a prescription, fit and finish that 's nothing short of perfection, Canada, mexico, india, and has its own look, image and ambiance. 

In other words, like just about every other Infiniti we've driven, Bactroban dosage, it's got the corner on "distinctive."  This is a car for people who appreciate their own taste, Bactroban online cod, who don't particularly want what everybody else is driving, and who know that a car, in its finest expression, where can i find Bactroban online, is all about individuality and self-expression. Where can i buy Bactroban online, Case in point: The interior. We have absolutely no idea what type of wood Infiniti used on the doors and console, but it's breathtaking, Bactroban maximum dosage. The deepness of the hues combine for a tiger's eye effect, Bactroban steet value, with shadings that look different from almost every angle. And of course, Infiniti wouldn't be bothered with simply slapping a square piece of wood on the door panels and calliing it a day, Bactroban For Sale. The wood trim here combines with an artistically crafted swirl of brushed chrome that has a shape something like a teardrop. You'v e got to see it to believe it.  It's different--and absolutely stunning, purchase Bactroban online no prescription.

Not to be outdone, Online buying Bactroban hcl, the dashboard has a heavily padded look that surrounds the driver and passenger, and the driver is treated to a cockpit effect with controls and gauges laid out like the latest aircraft. It stimulates you, Bactroban wiki, informs you, Order Bactroban from United States pharmacy, and prompts you to feel excitement behind the wheel. Bactroban For Sale, And by the way, have you ever heard of something called the  Forest Air purification system. Infiniti's got it--and as far as we know nobody else does. It's a lovely feature which wafts air flow through the interior in such a way that  it feels like you're experiencing a gentle forest breeze, Bactroban price, coupon. Nice. Bactroban samples, Although the Infiniti M35h is powered by a hybrid system, it still has strong overtones of that distinctive Infiniti iechaust note that most of us can distinguish a mile away. Wonder which engineers worked overtime to preserve that?  Whoever did it, we thank them bedfause it preserved something we've always loved about Infiniti products--the sound of the exhaust system, Bactroban For Sale.

Now a word or two about the hybrid system. 

 The Hybrid consists of a  3.5-liter V6 with an electric motor, after Bactroban, providing an output of  360 hp.  Infiniti says that because the M35h uses a lithium-ion battery pack, Bactroban over the counter, those who drive it will feel strong acceleration that normally is associated with a V-8 engine.

 It's fully capable of running on electricity alone, and Infiniti says you can go as fast as 62 miles per hour doing that, order Bactroban from mexican pharmacy. We didn't try it ourselves, Buy Bactroban no prescription, but we can say that at low speeds it's quite effective and you hear absolutely nothing--another subtle sense of luxury.

 Estimated mileage for the M35h is 27/32/29, but we have a feeling those figures are a bit conservative, buy cheap Bactroban. Bactroban For Sale, We drove all over the place and still had somewhere between a quarter and a half a tank of gas still left after a week's worth of driving from downtown to distant suburbs in Pittsburgh, our home base.

And don't think you'll be bored with driving while getting that mileage either--you hit that gas pedal and you'll  be looking at 60 in anywhere from 5.1 to 5.3 seconds.  That's close to Corvette territory--in a large luxury sedan. Bactroban price, We also will tell you that the car has a seven speed automatic, with several settings--Sport, Eco and Snow, where can i buy cheapest Bactroban online, and there is a noticeable difference in performance depending on which mode you select. Kjøpe Bactroban på nett, köpa Bactroban online, With many cars offering such features you don't notice much of anything at all.  Sport mode in the M35h is quite brisk, and we used the Snow mode during a sudden snow storm, and that improved our traction considerably, buy Bactroban from canada.

We will say that there were some traces of roughness in shifting here and there, Bactroban images, but nothing unsettling.

Handling?  It's all there, Bactroban For Sale. It corners and holds the road  beautifully, though some auto writers found the ride to be harsh, Bactroban cost. You will feel some bumps and potholes, Order Bactroban no prescription, but frankly, it didn't bother us at all. 

The M35h also has something that the company calls  Active Trace Control, which helps you and the car move smoothly between braking and accelerating through corners, about Bactroban, for instance. Cheap Bactroban no rx, Standard features on the M35h are pretty extensive.  You'll enjoy 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic bi-xenon headlights, foglights, Bactroban dangers, power-folding heated mirrors, Bactroban coupon, automatic wipers, a sunroof, keyless ignition/entry, Bactroban pictures, dual-zone automatic climate control, Bactroban trusted pharmacy reviews, leather upholstery, heated eight-way power front seats, power lumbar support, my Bactroban experience, driver memory functions, Bactroban results, a power tilt-and-telescoping steering column and an auto-dimming rearview mirror. Also standard are a rearview camera, Bluetooth and a six-speaker stereo with a CD player, Bactroban without prescription, auxiliary audio/visual jack, an iPod interface and satellite radio. Bactroban For Sale,     You'll also get on the M35h regenerative braking and unique instrument meters and display screens. You also get what Infiniti calls Infiniti's Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians (VSP), which gets around concerns that the silent system may pose a safety issue for walkers and motorists alike.  The system makes some distinctive sounds that will let you know that it's around.

On our tester, we also had a Premium package that adds heated and ventilated front seats, a heated steering wheel, a navigation system (with voice control, real-time traffic and real-time weather) and a 10-speaker Bose stereo with streaming Bluetooth audio and digital music storage.

  Really, we could only find one drawback--luggage room.  Because it's a hybrid, there's not much of it.  While the other M models have a 14.9-cubic-foot trunk; you'll onlky get 11.3 cubic feet for the M35h, and the reduction is noticeable.

But there's no denying we absolutely loved this car. It's got everything we want--and the distinctiveness to boot.


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