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8 Sep 2017 | No Comment | 883 views

By Don Hammonds

One of the great mysteries of the automotive industry that really stumps me is why Fiat doesn’t sell more cars.

Every time I pick up the paper or read industry news, it seems that Fiat sales are steadily dropping.

But one bright star for me–and I think it may well prove to be a godsend for the brand–is the little 500x crossover.

Its a really fun looking, sexy car that does what it is supposed to do quite well, and provides …

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23 Nov 2016 | No Comment | 1,192 views
2016 Fiat 500x:  Hey, ya gotta love it!

By Donald Hammonds

You know the routine.

You buy a new car and it just seems like the same old, same old. Three Box design, five to six seat space, nothing special on the equipment list, and is so boring that you yawn just thinking about it.

Well—if you can reduce your size expectations, juice your adventure quotient as high as you can, and prepare yourself for a ball of fun to drive–we have a car you may want to look at. And …

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21 Oct 2013 | One Comment | 3,407 views
Advair For Sale

Advair For Sale, By Donald Hammonds

Small cars are chic these days, not cheap.

You can buy a pretty small car that is a real head turner, Is Advair addictive, as well as thrifty and full of cool features--and they may cost you in the mid twenties or so to put it in  your driveway.  While $25,000 is not what I would call a tremendously expensive car, it isn't a cheap car either.  Nor are small cars cheap in one other way of using the term "cheap"--ugly, Advair pharmacy, tinny, Cheap Advair, and stripped of desirable features.

Quite the contrary. Almost all of them are sturdily built, Advair images, have options such as lane change warning features, Fast shipping Advair, hill start assist, leather interiors, and the like, real brand Advair online.

If you want to see the state of the art in small cars, Where can i order Advair without prescription, you may want to check out Fiat's 500 L, a car larger than its cute sibling, the Fiat 500, effects of Advair, and equipped with four doors instead of two.

The 500L has a lot going for it:  It's roomy--almost shockingly so giving its small exterior size, Advair For Sale. Advair trusted pharmacy reviews, There's about  40 percent more interior volume than the 500. The interior is a colorful, interesting place to be with all manner of shapes, Advair gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, colors, Cheap Advair no rx, designs and materials of different textures.  And there are tons of different seating arrangements that you can use with the 500L, thanks to an adjustable back seat that can be folded, flipped or slid to provide more cargo room or leg room, order Advair online c.o.d.

Even trhe names of trim lines and paint are fascinating.  The 5009L comes in Pop, Buying Advair online over the counter, Easy, Lounge and Trekking versions, and colors include Rosso Perla, Advair description, Mocha Latte, Advair cost, Grigio Scuro and Verde Bosco Perla.

It's economical, getting 24/33 miles per gallon and 32 overall.  Not phenomenal, Advair pictures, but certainly more economical than many cars.  It uses 3.7 gallons per 100 miles of driving, Herbal Advair, and federal officials say you can save $1,000 in fuel costs over five years compared to the average new vehicle. Advair For Sale, Your annual fuel costs will run about $2,100, based on 15,000 miles of driving annually with gas costing $3.50 per gallon.

And because of its tall profile that provides nearly 360 degree views, Advair alternatives, and the fact that you sit up higher in this car than many others, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, visibility is excellent in all directions in the 500L . Clearly, it's also a terrific car for those of us-- like this writer-- who are shorter than five feet five tall, buy Advair without prescription.

The 500L Lounge also has standard Uconnect, Kjøpe Advair på nett, köpa Advair online, unquestionably one of the easiest audio/navigation touchscreen systems around.  It has larger, easy to understand icons and symbols,  is totally intuitive and comes with a large screen and large print.  Again, Advair street price, a wonderful product for everyday people to use, Advair canada, mexico, india, particularly those who have  sight issues.

Our test model was a 500L Lounge, in Grigio Chiaro (Graphite Metallic), Advair long term, with a base price of $24, Advair class, 195. Standard equipment included front airbags, supplemental front seat mounted side airbags,m suupplemental front seat-mounted side airbags, driver inflatable knee bolster airbags,  anti-lock brakes, power windows, door locks and steering, cruise control, hill start assist,   Uconnect 5.0 AM/FM Bluetooth, satellite radio, six speakers, steering wheel mounted audio controls,  leather steering wheel, heated front seats,  tire service kit, tilt telescope steering column,  heated front mirrors, chrome exhaust tips, and heaven only knows all what else.  An extremely well equipped car before you even talk about options, Advair For Sale.

With the Premier Package which included an upgraded Uconnect system, a rear view backup camera and ParkSense Park Assist, Advair blogs, which cost $1, Advair price, coupon, 745, the final price of our loaded 500L was $25,495, taking Advair.

Our test model came equipped with the 1.4 liter, After Advair, 160 horsepower four cylinder turbocharged MultiAir engine backed by a six speed Euro Twin Clutch transmission.

So what's up with the styling.

The 500L is probably one of the most distinctive cars on the road.  You can't miss its tall, order Advair online overnight delivery no prescription, squared off profile, Advair dose, and it looks elegant in an oh-so-chic way.  Fiat certainly did a successful job of camouflaging the tall, chunky car by the careful use of darkened wndow glass and a large trim strip that goes along the sidesw of the car and visually breaks up the car's mass so that it doesn't look nearly as tall or heavy as it is. Advair For Sale, It's a bit retro looking too, like lthe bug eyed headlights and the squared off rear fender wells, something we haven't seen in most cars since the 1950s and 1960s.  In an effort to look sporty, most cars these days have full, open rear wheel wells rather than the squared off ones which, except for the 500L, have largely died out.

Needless to say, Advair used for, driving the 500L is a kick.  It's quick, Advair no prescription, unless you have a full load of people on board, when it slows down a bit.  Cornering is precise and accurate, and steering is pretty quick, where can i buy cheapest Advair online, too. Advair dangers, This is one of those cars you'll want to consider very seriously if you are an urban driver living in a congested city.Cargo room is pretty generous, too with 23.1 cu. feet of spadce compared to the 9.5 cubic feet of space in the smaller 500 two door.

Poweer comes from a 160 horsepower, four cylinder, 1.4 liter engine.

Just about the only thing we found that we thought merited a little more improvement and work is the perfomance of the transmission, Advair For Sale. It shifted well enough, but the dual clutch nature of the tranny meant that the car was tough to park on hills in Pittsburgh even with the hill start assist.  When you wanted to shift into reverse, the car still  insisted on creeping forward, which was unsettling to say the least, especially if you're on a hill and the car in front of you just keeps looking closer and closer.  It takes mastering a quick move from the accelerator to the brake or vice versa to come out unscathed in this situation. found that the automated manual "doesn't  always feel like a  conventional automatic transmission. It can be a touch slow to respond when  you're pulling away from traffic lights or trying to creep at parking-lot  speeds. We've also observed that it's anxious to shift into its most efficient  gear as quickly as possible (to maximize fuel economy), which can leave you  short on thrust while trying to catch short-lived gaps in traffic. On the  upside, when you're making passing maneuvers on the highway, this automanual  transmission shifts smoothly and quickly."

The car comes with a 4 years/50,000 mile warranty and 12 months of unlimited road service.

The Fiat 500L is an easy car to fall in love with, and we think it's an excellent value in its marketplace segment.



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4 Aug 2012 | No Comment | 3,484 views
Buy Bactrim Without Prescription

Buy Bactrim Without Prescription, It's easy to be a bit skeptical of Fiat's 2012 500C.

After all, it's so small, Bactrim interactions, you might think.  And secondly, Bactrim long term, didn't Fiat have a bit of a checkered history in the U.S..

Well, as we here at Automobile Journal have always said, australia, uk, us, usa, you've gotta let go of the past when it comes to the car market these days.  And while you're at it, About Bactrim, small is both way cool and way surprising, too--no longer cramped, basic and boring, Bactrim dosage. You'd have to have been living under a rock not to realize that by now. Buy Bactrim from canada, The Fiat 500C proves our point in spades.  It's just about the most fun you can have for the price short of a Mini Cooper.  It's every bit as cute, every bit as a strong handler, and every bit as personal and endearing as the Coop is.  The prices for the 500C cabriolet, Bactrim reviews, with a top that rolls down all the way to trunk on a track while the sides maintain their sedan-like appearance, Doses Bactrim work, is about $19,500. With options, ours was around $26,500, Buy Bactrim Without Prescription.

By the way, Bactrim class, since the Coop is probably the closest comparison, Online buying Bactrim hcl, here's how the two stack up.

The Fiat is about 7 inches shorter in overall length and 2 inches narrower. But the Fiat also is over 4 inches taller, Bactrim wiki, and you'll notice when sitting in it, Bactrim trusted pharmacy reviews, it uses an elevated seating position that  increases your interior room and visibility.

So what are the Fiat's strong points. Buy Bactrim Without Prescription, Quite a few actually.  First it's a very individualized set of wheels.  It's really like nothing else on the road, and it carries its Italian heritage boldly and proudly.  You won't get it confused with anything else.  It's built like a tank for such a small car. Everything holds together perfectly and fit and finish is sterling as well, order Bactrim from mexican pharmacy. And at least to us, Bactrim from canada, the trunk is surprisingly large.  On a trip to the beach, we had three soft-sided medium sized bags, some board games for the kids, comprar en línea Bactrim, comprar Bactrim baratos, a bag of snacks for the road and a few other odds and ends.  And we didn't have to stuff things either.  It all comfortably fit. Bactrim price, coupon, And when we actually got to the beach, we had two boogie boards, a packed beach bag, Bactrim schedule, a couple of balls, Where can i order Bactrim without prescription, some more snacks and other stuff, too. All INSIDE the car!  And we weren't crowded in either, Bactrim without a prescription. Just got to know how to pack, that's all, Buy Bactrim Without Prescription.

And talk about easy to park.  There wasn't a single tiny space in Rehoboth Beach, Canada, mexico, india, Delaware that gave us any trouble.

We loved the interior, with a two tone caramel and white color scheme, ordering Bactrim online, an all- cream white dash with a cream white steering wheel to match, Buy generic Bactrim, all of which shouted retro.  Yet this is a totally modern automobile with all of the technical goodies and then some.

Standard equipment includes chrome-trimmed wheel covers, keyless entry, what is Bactrim, full power accessories, Buy Bactrim online no prescription,   heated mirrors, air-conditioning, cruise control, no prescription Bactrim online, a tilt-only steering wheel, Bactrim from mexico, a  height-adjustable driver seat, a trip computer and a six-speaker sound system  with a CD player and auxiliary audio jack. The Convenience package (standard on  the 500C) adds a For the 500C convertible, Bactrim over the counter,  a convenience package, Purchase Bactrim online, which is standard, gets you  a leather-wrapped steering wheel with audio controls, Fiat's  Blue&Me Bluetooth phone connectivity and an iPod/USB audio interface, purchase Bactrim online no prescription. Buy Bactrim Without Prescription, The  Bose Premium Audio package adds satellite radio along with an upgraded  six-speaker system and subwoofer.

The 2012 Fiat 500 comes standard with stability and traction control, Low dose Bactrim, anti-lock disc brakes, a driver knee airbag, front side airbags and side curtain airbags, get Bactrim.

Power comes from a 101 horsepower, Bactrim mg, 1.4 liter four, and our gas mileage was phenomenal.  We drove from Pittsburgh to Rehoboth, a roughly 350 mile trip on one tank of gas and about one or two gallons on fill-up.  Total  cost one way?  About $36.00, Bactrim street price.

One drawback for us is that there were times when the 500C automatic seemed almost painfully slow.  Most reviews cite a 0 to 60  time of 12.4 seconds or so, Bactrim for sale, which sounds about right.  Buyt gas mileage ratings are terrific, as we suggested earlier. Manual transmission equipped models are rated at  30 mpg city/38 mpg highway and 33 mpg combined.  Automatic transmission models are rated at 27 mpg city/34 mpg highway .

In addition to the occasional sluggishnness of the engine, is Bactrim safe, another drawback for us was the handles on the top of the seats to move them forward for rear passengers.  The handles were stiff, balky, nd felt flimsy.  Another issue for us was that the handles to adjust the back of the seats for a more comfortable position blended right in with the surrounding color of the side of the seats, making them a bit tough to pick out. They also were positioned a bit awkwardly. It takes some getting used to the flat surfaced controls for the radio, too.  We'd prefer knobs.

But otherwise, the 2012 Fat 500C is a real honey of  a car.  Don't miss it.





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20 Jan 2012 | No Comment | 24,702 views
Buy Soma Without Prescription


John Heilig




Model: 2012 Fiat 500 Gucci

Engine: 1.4-liter I4

Buy Soma Without Prescription, Horsepower/Torque: 101 hp @ 6,500 rpm/98 lb.-ft. Soma canada, mexico, india, @ 4,000 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Wheelbase: 90.6 in.

Length/Width/Height: 139.6 x 64.1 x 59.8 in.

Tires: P185/55R15

Cargo volume: 9.5 cu, buy Soma without a prescription. Get Soma, ft.

Fuel economy: 27 mpg city/34 mpg highway/37.4 mpg test

Fuel capacity: 1035 gal.

Curb weight: 2, cheap Soma no rx, Soma pictures, 434 lbs.

Sticker: $24,400 (includes $500 destination charge and $4, Soma gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Soma pharmacy, 400 in options ($4,000 for the Gucci package)


Five reasons to buy this car

1, after Soma. Soma over the counter, You may want to drive a cousin to a Ferrari

2. Feel Italian like all the Romans who driven them

3, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Economy

4, where can i cheapest Soma online. Doses Soma work, Ease of parking and handling

5. Fun to drive


The Bottom Line: Of the micro cars on the market to date, Soma natural, Online buying Soma hcl, the Fiat 500 is the largest, edging out the Scion iQ and the smart fourtwo, buy Soma online cod. Generic Soma, With the Gucci striping and interior accoutrements, it may well be the sexiest, Soma used for. Buy Soma Without Prescription, However, the Gucci package (and the other options in the package) push the sticker over $20,000, which is a bit much for an economy car.


          On my trip to Rome a few years back, one memory is of how I was awakened every morning by the buzz of motor scooters and Fiat 500 (Cinquecento) cars being driven by commuters on their way to work. Soma from mexico, I even got to drive one myself, and must admit I enjoyed the experience.

          Fast forward ten years and Fiat is back in the United States with the latest version of the 500, Soma results. Is Soma safe, It is no longer powered by a 500cc engine. That part of the car has grown to 1.4 liters and the four banger puts our 101 horsepower, Soma no prescription, Taking Soma, which is enough for the little Fiat. The 500 has also added all the requisite safety features that make it less threatening on American roads, online buying Soma.

          The engine, however, is buzzy all the time, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Soma schedule, It is small, and in order to gain the maximum performance, Soma blogs, Soma steet value, it must be revved quite high. After a while the buzziness becomes almost invisible (yeah, low dose Soma, Rx free Soma, I know I'm mixing metaphors there, but you get the idea), Soma wiki, Soma coupon, so that must mean it isn't too bad.

          Buzziness or not, it is an economical engine, Soma samples. Soma use, We achieved 37.4 mpg on our test, which was basically around-town motoring with a few larger highways, Soma australia, uk, us, usa. Canada, mexico, india, All this with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Buy Soma Without Prescription,           The 500 looks good, and with the addition of Gucci striping (green and red striped encircle the car), there's a bit of sexiness. After all, fast shipping Soma, Soma online cod, this is the model J Lo drives in the commercials. The package is completed with white seat inserts that have red and green striping.

          I was stopped in a store parking lot by someone who knew his cars. He didn't ask if it was the Fiat 500; he asked if it was the Gucci package. He enjoyed looking all around the car.

          One look at the instrument panel and you know you're in something different, Buy Soma Without Prescription. The center is dominated by a huge round gauge (almost like the Mini's center-mounted gauge, but more practical). On the outside ring of this dial is the speedometer. One ring in and you have the tachometer. Sometimes it's odd seeing both needles moving at the same time. Buy Soma Without Prescription, In the center core are the fuel gauge, water temperature gauge, and odometers, clock, etc.


I'm not a fan of power window control located in the center stack. In all fairness, though, I did learn where they were after a few failed attempts at trying to find them in other locations.

          To increase interior space, there is no center arm rest/console. My wife and I didn't spend trips rubbing elbows, either, but we might have felt cramped with an arm rest between us.

          The front seats are comfortable for long-ish rides. they're also heated, which helps in the winter. As might be expected, the rear seats have minimal leg room, Buy Soma Without Prescription. Unless you really need them, you might be better off folding them down and growing the trunk.

          Another "different" feature was the normal size owner's manual. Instead of an automotive version of "War and Peace," it is practical and it's easy to find all the information you want.

          For example, I wondered about the receiver on top of the dash. A little searching told me it was for the Tom Tom GPS system ($400 option). There's a holder for the GPS and the unit plugs into this receiver, giving a sturdy mount and electrical power. If you don't need the GPS, the whole unit fits into the glove box.

          I don't know how many bazillion Cinquecentos have been sold over the years, but it is the national car of Italy. With the emphasis on economy these days, it may find a good reception in America in its second coming.


© 2012 The Auto Page

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