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3 Jul 2020 | No Comment | 139 views


By Don Hammonds

Most people who buy SUVs likely aren’t very bothered by boxy styling.

They buy SUVs for purposeful reasons, for the most part–and not necessarily are motivated by the coolest styling on the  block.

But all that certainly isn’t true of  us style hounds.

We want wheels that look good, turn heads, and have some personality and name brand identity.

It’s for those style and sporty hounds that VW clearly introduced the VW Atlas Cross Sport.

The Cross Sport is essentially a lopped off …

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15 Jun 2020 | No Comment | 183 views


By Don Hammonds

To each his own, they say.

Let’s say you are a luxury car buyer looking for a three row crossover.

Yep, you’ve got kiddos, and two rows of seats won’t cut it.

And wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t look like a box on wheels?  Is that….possible?

Oh, yeah!

It’s called the Lexus RX450 L, and that’s all you need to know,

First, being a Lexus, you know you are going to get the royal treatment when you get in. Butter soft seats, …

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22 May 2020 | No Comment | 302 views

By Donald Hammonds

Which car company gets the gold for the  best mid-sized SUV?

For many buyers and journalists alike, Hyundai’s Palisade takes it.  It is a vast improvement over the Santa Fe XL,  which I think suffered from identity issues with consumers.

The Palisade is a solid value in its class, and I think one of the biggest selling point for it will be the incredibly lengthy and up to date safety technology and other features which you simply cannot find on …

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22 May 2020 | No Comment | 267 views


By Don Hammonds

There is an automotive revolution underway–by a company that is making waves to upend the notion that everyday cars cannot be stylish, distinctive, and head turning.

That car company is Mazda, one of the few automakers that still seems to care about good design–not three box designs for sedans and four box looks for its crossovers.

Just within the last few months, Mazda has revealed some real lookers that stand apart from everything in their market slots. The all-new CX30 …

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6 May 2020 | No Comment | 166 views


2020 Volkswagen GTI Autobahn

Four door, front wheel drive, five passenger compact sports sedan

Price as tested: $38,215


Absolutely top notch. The GTI Autobahn’s only serious competition in terms of handling, acceleration and braking in the compact sedan segment are the Honda Civic sports models and of course, Subaru’s WRX. The GTI’s ace, however, is that you get all that bravado and acceleration without a back breaking ride, harsh performance on uneven, potholed streets and roads, due in part to an adaptive suspension …

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